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I apologize again for the lack of updates. Work projects are kicking me in the butt (Don’t you just hate it when real life keeps you away from important things like reading fanfic?). So I’m gonna try for an every other week update until I can get back on a more normal schedule.

I do have a handful of reviews for some really great stories. I hope you enjoy them.

Distances by Grit Jahning
Novella – X/G

Set in an alternate reality, this story by Grit Jahning ask the question, What if Xena and Gab met under different circumstances? In this story, Xena doesn’t stop her warlord ways until after Draco attacks Potadeia. Years later Gabrielle is the Amazon Queen, while Xena has fled to the northern Amazon tribe. They meet when the tribes send a delegation to sign a treaty. The women are drawn to each other, but Xena’s past and the pain she caused Gabrielle might be too much for them to overcome. To make matters worse, the tribe faces a threat from Velasca. A creative story idea that is told with emotional intensity. The stylized writing is very effective, giving the story a beautiful, almost dreamy quality. Slight CEA, but still highly recommended.

Frederica And The Viscountess by Barbara Davies
Novella - O/U

Frederica and the Viscountess is written in the 19th Century style of the great Bronte sister novels. Set in a period of high manners and strict rules of behavior (especially regarding matters of sex), the story revolves around the unmarried Frederica and the scandalous Viscountess Norland. Edmund Bertram represents Frederica’s last chance at a respectable marriage. The arrival of his sister, the Viscountess Norland, is cause for gossip and wild rumor. Frederica soon finds herself more interested in the Viscountess than her earnest, but dull, brother. Unfortunately, the rigid social rules of the day threaten to keep the two women from finding true happiness. Like all Barbara Davies stories, this one is well written with fully realized characters. A satisfying, entertaining read that is very highly recommended.

Gladiator by Carola "Ryűchan" Eriksson
Vignette – X/G

Blending elements from Conqueror fic with those from When Fates Collide, this long vignette defies categorization. Told from alternating viewpoints, that of a Gladiator and of the Empress she fights for, Gladiator is a story of survival and love and duty. The writing is powerful and emotional. A short piece that is definitely recommended.

The Moral Of The Story by Xena’s Little Bitch
Short Story – X/G

In this Post FIN story Xena and Gabrielle are transported to an Illusia-like place where Xena is to be charged with her crimes (again). Prosecutor Callisto calls forth many witnesses to try to help us all figure out what the Moral of the Xena Story is. Very clever and irreverent and highly recommended.

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