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Take One Head And Call Me In The Morning by Lariel
Short Story - U

Oh my god, how funny is this story? Take One Head tells the story of the deranged Lady Xena and her quest to re-create her beloved (and long dead) Bard. Filled with series in-jokes plus some great riffs on classic horror tales. This one's a real scream (your reviewer is now ducking and running for cover, ashamed of her own bad joke). Very highly recommended.


A Tale For The 21st Century - Book 1: Civil War by BJ O’Donnell
Long Short Story - O/U

This is a revised version of the original story. A Tale for the 21st Century is set in a future where religious extremists (known as the Conservative Right Wing) have slowly but surely taken over the United States government and rewritten the Constitution. Military units known as The Guardterrorize the people and persecute any "wrong thinkers". A group known as the Freedom Fighters have risen up to overthrow The Guard. Nikki Antolovich is their brave and beautiful leader. In between fighting off assassins, planning rebel attacks, and ferreting out spies in their ranks, she manages to meet and fall in love with Becca. The political scenario in the story is close enough to reality to be really scary, especially given the current conservative political climate. There's plenty of explosive action and lethal combat, and the plot moves at a brisk pace. A good, action-packed drama.


Tales of Emoria Books 1 & 2 - Past Echoes and Future Dreams by Mindancer
Novel - O/U

Past Echoes and Future Dreams are the first books in the Tales of Emoria series by Mindancer. Book 2 is actually the prequel to Book 1, but they can be read in either order. The books tell the story of Peace Arbiter Jame and her Peace Warrior Tigh in the fantasy world of Emoria. Tigh is a fierce warrior from the Grappian wars who has been cleansed and is learning how to re-enter society. Jame is an Emoran Princess who is struggling to balance her commitments to her people with her desire to live her own life as a Peace Arbiter. Set in an imaginative fantasy world, the stories are character-driven and very accessible to those who are sci-fi phobes. The books explore familiar themes of love, family, and the struggles to find your way in the world. They are well written and recommended.


The Tavernkeeper's Sister by Ella Quince
Short Story - X/G

This story finds Xena drinking in a tavern and paying special attention to a serving woman who looks just like the warrior's long-lost bard.The woman seems to be the tavern keeper's sister and is curious as to why the mysterious woman warrior has taken an interest in her. She is soon drawn to the warrior and agrees to leave with her. But is she really Gabrielle, and if she is can she ever recover her memories? Told from a shifting point of view, the story effectively captures each woman's questions and fears about the young woman's true identity. Ella's stories are always well written and entertaining, and this one is no exception. Highly recommended. (See other Memory Loss Themed story reviews on the
Special Themes page)


Temple of Rage by Leslie Ann Miller
Short Story – O/U

Fans of Conqueror stories will enjoy this story – call it an Uber Conqueror. Set in a modern world where ancient gods are still worshipped, Ares worshipper Harmon attempts to gain his favor by killing the leader of the Elijian Campus Crusade for Peace. Temple of Rage has an inventive mix of modern and futuristic elements to create a world that is both recognizable and imagined. It also blends elements from the Xena series into a modern world. Recommended.


Tender Mercies or: How I Learned To Stop Chafing And Love The Bard  by Kamouraskan and Lariel
Short Story - X/G

Tender Mercies offers a us very funny look at a very delicate problem. As the story opens, Xena and Gabrielle are having a slight disagreement over Xena's choice of healing techniques. And things get worse before they get better. This one comes with a definite Spew Alert for you keyboard.


These Dreams by V.H. Foster
Novella - revision/rewrite of two short stories - O/U

These Dreams is actually a revised and combined version V.H. Foster's two short stories, These Dreams and Enemy Within.  The overall "flow" to the story is improved and expanded with this new version.  Samantha is an artist and book illustrator who has dreamed of the same blue-eyed woman all of her life. She finally meets her "Blue Eyes", but it is a meeting based on a gross misunderstanding of motives and ends badly for both women. Blue-eyed Tess soon realizes her mistake and sets out to make things right. In addition to overcoming the difficulties of the inauspicious beginning to their relationship, the two women must also deal with some complicated family relationships that threaten to keep them apart. The original short stories were good, but the combined rewrite/revision is even better. Recommended.


Thicker Than Water, Too by Brigid Doyle
Short Story - X/G

Thicker Than Water, Too tells the story of a very young Gabrielle and a bit of trouble she gets into with her little sister Lila. Drawing cleverly from characterizations from the series, it's an inventive, very believable glimpse of the young girl who would later become the strong, independent Bard of Potadeia. Recommended.


The Third Wheel by Jenbob
Novel - X/G

A novel from the early days of fanfic, this great classic by Jenbob is a must read. Set in the first years of the series, this story reads like a well-done episode. Xena and Gabrielle help a village that is under attack, and Xena meets up with an old friend. They set about going after the warlord and his men, but things get a bit strained when Gabrielle begins to feel like a third wheel. This story has it all: an interesting plot, great action scenes, layered characters, and best of all - a wonderful depiction of that jealous, uncertain Gabrielle we knew and loved from the early days. Gets my highest recommendation.


This Is A First Time Story by Temora
Short Story - X/G

A highly entertaining tale about the numerous "firsts" in Xena and Gabrielle's relationship. From their first kiss to the first feelings of love - and maybe even their first …you know. This story covers the gamut of events in their relationship: firsts that are poignant and touching,  others that are funny and completely endearing. It's a wonderful journey through all the small moments that make a relationship so loving and strong. Highly recommended.


This Is A Lonely Life by Auntie Beth
Very Short Story - O

Laken MacLain is a famous singer who is drinking in a bar while on the road. She meets a fan and tells him her tale of lost love. Poignant, emotional story of personal regret and sorrow. Definitely recommended.


Thirteen by Nene Adams
Short Story - O/U

Nene Adams is a master of the horror genre, and she displays her mastery again with Thirteen. Set in an asylum for the criminally insane, a new nurse is assigned to Ward Seven, where the worst of the worst offenders are housed, including the mysterious occupant of Thirteen. This story is everything you expect a horror story to be - it's creepy; it's scary; it has a great surprise ending. You'll love it. Highly recommended.


Time Slip by Bel-Wah
Short Story - X/G

It's classic Xena and Gabrielle meets classic horror tale! On the road to the village of Calaye, Xena and Gabrielle encounter a distraught young woman who is desperate to get to the village to meet up with her fiancé. She warns them about a creature called the Mordello who lurks in the woods on the road to Calaye. The story has a nice creepy atmosphere and an appropriately scary ending. Recommended.


Tin Star - A Cayuse Comedy by Nene Adams
Long Short Story - O/U

This story should come with a major Spew Alert. Don't have any beverages near your keyboard when you read the name of the green-eyed blonde school marm. And let's not even discuss the Indian names! Tin Star is a hysterically funny parody of every cheesy TV western and B-cowboy movie ever made. There's not a single wild west cliché that doesn’t get thrown into the mix in this sometimes witty, sometimes silly story that's guaranteed to make you laugh. Nene Adams also gets a special commendation for using the word "Turgid" outside the realm of male slash fic. Very highly recommended. (See other Western Themed story reviews on the
Special Themes page)


Tiopa Ki Lakota by Redhawk
Novel - O/U

This is an incredible story. Tiopa Ki Lakota is a sweeping story covering several years in the lives of the Lakota people. Anpo is girl child born into the Lakota tribe, but the medicine man declares that she is destined to be a warrior within the tribe - a prediction that proves to be correct. Kathleen is the daughter of a family of Irish immigrants trying to build a new life in a new world. Through a series of tragedies, she is brought into Anpo's tribe and becomes a part of her family. The relationship between the two women is strong and well developed. It is sweet and passionate, yet romantically innocent as well. One of the greatest strengths of this story is the richly detailed depiction of the Lakota people and their culture. From the Lakota language and religion to their family relationships and hunting rituals, every aspect of their lives is explored with vivid realism. We also get an accurate depiction of the white settlers and their prejudices and interactions with the Indians. This one is on my list of all-time favorite stories. Gets my highest recommendation. (See other Western Themed story reviews on the
Special Themes page)


To Capture a Heart by Ali Vali
Short Story - O/U

This story is set in ancient Egypt in the time of the Pharoahs. Egypt is ruled by Ramses IV, a woman King, who falls in love with a young slave named Sarah. Ramses vows to make Sarah her queen and to groom Sarah's son to be the next ruler of Egypt. The setting of the story is a nice change of pace from most other fanfic, combining original characters and ideas along with ancient civilization elements found in classic X/G stories. Stands alone as a first time story, but has lots of potential for future stories. CEA


To Know You & To Love You by Raine
Long Short stories - O/U

These two stories by Raine are about friendship and the strength of the human spirit. Sam is a commercial artist working for an advertising company. She has recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease and is facing an uncertain future. Helen is her company's rep for their ad campaign with Sam's firm. She learns about Sam's condition and extends the hand of friendship to help her through her illness. Their friendship will give them both the strength to help each other through life's trials and setbacks - from struggling through chemotherapy to finding peace with estranged loved ones to facing your mortality. Anyone who has been through a life-threatening illness will relate to the highs and lows that this journey brings and the healing power of love. Recommended.


To Melt a Frozen Heart by Ambyrhawke Shadowsinger
Short Story - O

To Melt a Frozen Heart tells the story of a beautiful princess named Ceinwen and her bard, Ælfwynn. They were best friends from day they were born and pledged their eternal love and friendship. But tragedy strikes when those vows are broken, and Ceinwen must learn a difficult lesson about the consequences of breaking her promise. The story reads like a traditional fairy tale. Though it is suitable for children, adults will also enjoy this magical tale. It's inventive and fun and will make you wish all your childhood stories could have been like this one - instead of that sexist drivel we all read instead.


Toward the Sunset by Della Street
Novel - O/U

Della Street was one of the earliest Bards in the Xenaverse, and she's definitely one of the best. Toward the Sunset was one of the first Novel Length Ubers that really felt like an original story.  Jess Chambers is a badass gunfighter. Mattie Brunson is a school marm who takes an interest in the mysterious Jess when she is forced to spend some time in town.  Their relationship is prickly at first, and Jess warns Mattie that she can't be trusted.  Her prediction soon proves to be correct, as Jess's gang  meets up with her again to rob the town. Well-written and full of romance and action. One of the true classics of Uber Fic. Highly recommended. (See other Western Themed story reviews on the
Special Themes page)


Training Zone by Cath, Bard
Very Short Story - O/U

This very short story tells of two women who meet while working out in a gym. Short and sweet and a nicely written vignette about a relationship's beginning. Recommended.


Tropical Storm by Melissa Good
Novel - O/U

Do I really need to review this one? Tropical Storm is just a damn good story. And if you haven't read it, you really should. If you haven't read it lately, you should read it again. There were Uber stories in the Xenaverse before Tropical Storm, but this one really seemed to open the door for the next wave in fanfic - stories that are far more original than uber. For that reason alone, it's worth reading. You know the story: Dar and Kerry find love in Miami. They wage corporate battles, resolve technology meltdowns, and deal with some serious family 'issues' along the way. But mostly, we all remember the scene on the beach - and the Space Mountain scene - and that great watching the video at Kerry's apartment scene - and the helping Dar with her headache scene - and the, oh hell, you get the idea. Gets my highest recommendation.


True Confessions - Mad Lib by Xena's Little Bitch
Short Story - X/G

Another story to help us deal with the series finale. Only this one requires reader participation to tell the story. I guarantee hysterical results. Anyone the right age to remember Mad Libs will absolutely love this one! Recommended.


The Truth Shall Set Us Free (My answer to the XWP finale) by MikkiDee (alias Mikki Hibbens)
Very short story - X/G & U

In modern times, Mattie and Annie react to viewing the Xena finale. You can bet their reactions are just like the rest of the Xena faithful. But they know the way the story really ended (those TV people never get anything right), and they know who can get us out of this awful situation! It serves as a little group therapy to help all of us recover. Definitely recommended. (See other Finale story reviews on the
Special Themes page)


Tumbleweed Fever by LJ Maas
Novel - O/U

LJ Maas is a damn good writer, and she shows her stuff again in this novel of the old west.  Sarah Tolliver is a strong-willed and independent widow and mother who is struggling to run her cattle ranch. Devlin Brown is a reformed outlaw who agrees to work her ranch and provide protection from the bad guys who want the ranch for themselves. The relationship between the two women grows slowly as they each struggle to open their hearts and move past friendship and into something more. The story is well crafted and the characterizations are strong. You'll be drawn in from the opening scene all the way up to the end. This story comes highly recommended. (See other Western Themed story reviews on the
Special Themes page)


Uber Is As Uber Does by Celine
Very Short Story - O/U

This absolutely hysterical short piece by Celine is a must read for any uber fic reader! Celine does two things brilliantly here:  She deftly encapsulates almost every Uber Xena stereotype into one deadly accurate paragraph; and she wickedly pokes fun at those of us who are uber lovers and the way the on-line fic fandom is affecting modern day lesbian dating. I dare any uber lover to read this and not see themselves or several people they know! Highly recommended.


Ultimate Lesbian Erotica by Elena Drake
Very, Very Short Story - O

Another completely original piece that you've just got to read. Very clever and very funny - and it's only 15 lines long! Recommended.


The Ultimate Uber by J. Falconer
Short Story - U

A story that's exactly what the title says it is. It's also the ultimate parody of the genre we all love and the uber clichés we all love to hate. Plant your tongue firmly in your cheek and check this one out. Recommended.


Ummm...Err...Ah... by katharsis9
Short Story - X/G

Set in the 4th season after Xena's encounter with Alti and her reunion with Gabrielle, they return to Amphipolis for some R&R. The warrior princess is not quite ready to face the implications of the crucifixion vision she has experienced and lets her fears for Gabrielle's safety cloud her thinking. With a little help from a friend (and a lot of alcohol) she might come to see things clearly again. And she'll have some fun apologizing to her bard.


Under A Colorado Sky by PatsBard
Novella - O/U

Ty Mason is a reputed bounty hunter who always gets her man. Ty is also keeping a closely guarded secret. Tyrel is a woman. Brianna is the daughter of landowner George Duncan. The dastardly Todd Lundgren has his eye on Duncan's property, and is courting Brianna in an attempt to get it. The town sheriff convinces Ty to court Brianna in at attempt to foil Lundren's plans. She soon develops real feelings for the girl. But what will happen when her secret is revealed? And how far will Lundgren go in his desire to have Brianna for himself? There's lots of shoot 'em up action along with a nice bit of romance that will satisfy Western fans. (See other Western Themed story reviews on the
Special Themes page)


Unmasked Hearts by Melissa Good
Short Story - O/U

More Dar and Kerry - from BEFORE the infamous kiss on the beach. 'Nuff said. Do I really even need to give you a recommendation to entice you to read it?


A Valiant Heart by D
Novel - O/U

A Valiant Heart marks a return to the true Uber style of storytelling, lifting themes directly from the series while creating an original story. It's also a Sci-Fi story for folks who don't like Sci-Fi stories. Set in a futuristic world, but very accessible for you "realists" out there, Valiant Heart tells the story of a Bard and her Warrior. Gwen is a Bard, a respected and honored profession in this society. Randi is career military and is frequently called away for covert assignments - always fighting for the greater good. The author does a nice job of exploring many of the larger themes from the TV series while wrapping them in a creative and engaging package. It's a fresh approach to the subject. And, whether intentional or coincidence, Valiant Heart could also be called the first Uber Post FIN story. Is this the first in a new fanfic genre? The story and characters in A Valiant Heart will draw you in and help relieve any lingering Post FIN angst. It's definitely recommended.


The Vampire Hunter: Hunting Clarion by JP
Novel - O/U
The Vampire Hunter is the first in a series of stories, but this first story can still be read alone. Yoshima Miakoda is a vampire hunter who is almost 1000 years old. One night she rescues a young woman from a vicious vampire attack. She meets the woman again, and agrees to go out on a date (the first she's been on in decades). She notices some unusual things about her, but doesn't realize that her new girlfriend Clarion Larieux is a vampire. More than that, Clarion is a very special vampire known as the Daywalker - the key to human existence. She's also being stalked by a master vampire and his assistant Vamps. But if Yoshi finds out her secret, will she try to kill her before the other vamps get a chance? JP gives us a well-conceived larger story idea, and some nice action scenes that make this one come highly recommended.


Vendetta by Talaran
Novel - O/U

Nic Stone is a detective who must figure out who is trying to kill her and her partner before they can strike again. Her investigation is complicated by the arrival of her partner’s sister Carly, especially when she finds herself falling in love with the woman. Talaran gives us a story with lots of action and suspense that is well constructed. The love story is also nicely developed. Vendetta is an excellent cop drama that comes very highly recommended.


Vendetta by Xenamaster
Long Short Story - O/U

Vendetta is a re-telling of "Sins of the Past" in outer space. Cameron is a futuristic space "warlord" who rescues young Astra from a group of slavers and agrees to take her to her home planet. Xenamaster gives us a clever blending of Xena story elements from the first season along with a futuristic space world to make a fun re-telling of the story.


A View to a Kiss by Barbara Davies
Novella - O/U

British agents Ash and Jemma return in this sequel to Say Goodbye to Boston. Once again, it's Classic Uber meets James Bond. Set in exotic Rio, it's an entertaining travelogue as well as an exciting spy story. And as in all those great Bond movies, evil terrorists are targeting the US, and only British Secret Agents can save the day! The story continues the Will They or Won't They relationship question and gives us another exciting adventure tale. Highly recommended.


Warlord Metal by Redhawk
Novel - O/U

Warlord Metal is both a story about a rising rock band and a love story between the drummer's sister and the troubled but musically gifted guitarist. As the band becomes more successful and their relationship intensifies, guitarist Jordan finds herself spiraling out of control. She's on the road to self-destruction, and when her past finally catches up with her, it could be the end of everything: the band, her relationship, and even her life. In addition to Jordan and Sonny, there are some nicely drawn secondary characters. An emotionally powerful story with an intriguing exploration of a woman with some intense inner demons. It's well written, plus ya get your choice of two endings: Original or Extra Uber! What's not to like? Highly recommended. (See other Dysfunctional Family story reviews on the
Special Themes page)


A Warrior's Soul Weakness by Paige Turner and Amanda Lynn
Long Short story - X/G

A Warrior's Soul Weakness is an old style X/G story, reminiscent of the first few seasons of the series. It also reminds me of the early days of fanfic. It is a relationship first time story with lot of hurt/comfort, action-packed battles, and a villain from Xena's past who knows her greatest soul weakness.  Though set in a later period in the series, it will remind you of an earlier, more innocent time in their lives. A well-written story that will satisfy your craving for a classic X/G tale.


The Way She Were by K. Simpson
Very Short Story - X/G

The Way She Were is a sequel to K. Simpson's previous Finale parody "Friend in Need of Therapy," and it's just as hysterical. Gabrielle returns to the temple of Mnemosyne in order to teach her warrior a little lesson. You'll laugh out loud, and you'll feel better about the TV finale. Guaranteed. Highly recommended.


We Never Say Goodbye by T. Novan
Long Short Story - X/G and U

We Never Say Goodbye features the immortal reincarnations of Xena and Gabrielle in a modern time. This story is the first in a small series that gives us a creative exploration of how these two immortal souls might find each other time and again in a continuing cycle. It's a unique interpretation of the true reincarnation theme. Recommended. (See more T. Novan story reviews on the
Special Themes page)


The Weakest Link by MaryE
Short Story - X/G

Still having "issues" over the series ender? Then this story will help you work through them. The Weakest Link is a parody of the series finale, TPTB, the fans, and the TV game show "The Weakest Link" that leave have you laughing out loud. Filled with all kinds of in jokes and some real zingers, it's definitely recommended.


A Web of Spun Crystal by Cecily Hawkins
Long short story - O/U

A Web of Spun Crystal is a retelling of the Disney movie, The Labyrinth with Gabrielle as the girl and Xena as the Goblin King. A step-daughter is tired of babysitting her little sister and feeling sorry for herself. The child is then taken away by Goblin Queen Xena who takes Gabrielle into a magical land and tells her she can have the child back if she can get through the Labyrinth in time. She must figure out the game the Queen is playing in order to succeed and secure the safe return of her sister to reality. Along the way we encounter many familiar characters from the series - Attis, Eppie the Amazon, and others. Web of Spun Crystal is set in a magical, mystical fantasyland with talking walls and goblins. Fantasy/Adventure fans, along with fans of the Disney movie will find this one an entertaining read.


Well of Sighs by Ella Quince
Short Story – X/G

Set around the time of the second season,Xena drinks from the Well of Sighs and loses her memories from the past three years. Convinced she is still a Warlord, she immediately sets out to rebuild her army and continue her warlord ways. Gabrielle has to find a way to help her recover her memories without raising the dangerous warrior’s suspicions. Ella Quince does an excellent job of portraying the more innocent time of their relationship when it seems to be moving into a new direction. We also get a realistic characterization of Warlord Xena and a wonderfully inventive young Gabrielle at her Bardic best. A wonderful story from the early days of fanfic that comes very highly recommended.


A Western Story by Patty Pat
Long Short Story - O/U

A ranch in Canada provides the setting for this modern day cowgirl romance by Patty Pat. Seeking a change from her city life, Debbie Dawson takes a job as a ranch hand working for the mysterious B.J. Prescott. She has to work hard to overcome her "Citygirl" nickname and prove her worth to her boss and co-workers. But she'll have to work even harder to win the heart of her strong-willed lover. A nice romance that cowgirls and western lovers will enjoy.


Wet Dreams by Friction
Novel - X/G

This new X/G novel by Friction is both a first time story and a coming out story that many of us can relate to. The story deals painfully and realistically with the entire coming out process - from the first steps of self-discovery, to the fear and self-doubt, gathering the courage to tell a friend, and being "outed" to a disapproving family. The relationship story is also well-told and is not overshadowed by Gabrielle's journey toward acceptance of herself and her feelings for her warrior. There is also a nicely told secondary story involving some new friends. It's nice to see a story that deals optimistically, yet truthfully, with an issue that is so complicated. Recommended.


What Child is This? by Brigid Doyle
Short Story - O/U

What Child is This? is something of a sequel to Halfway to My Heart and tells the story of the first Christmas for sisters Payton and Reagon McAllister. Payton is still adjusting to her new role as Big Sister and surrogate parent to young Reagon. The characters are well-developed and realistically drawn. Reagon is a typical pre-adolescent, bubbling over with excitement about Christmas, and Payton is still learning how to be part of a real family. It's a sweet, happy tale that is well-told and will bring a smile.


What Mom Doesn't Know, Won't Kill Her & What Dad Doesn't Know, Won't Get Him Killed by FlyBigD
Short stories - X/G

This pair of short stories by FlyBigD tells us how, after years of being together,  Xena and Gabrielle finally "come out" to their families. On a visit with Cyrene, an especially frisky bard uses her special powers of persuasion to convince Xena to finally spill the beans. Things are a little more complicated in Potadeia where Xena first comes up with an ingenious plan to get Gabrielle's family to like her before they decide to reveal their secret.  FlyBigD does an excellent job of exploring the complicated family dynamics at work. Taken together, the stories that are wonderfully told with both comedy and pathos. Recommended.


Wheels on Fire by Baermer
Short Story – O/U

Wheels on Fire is a crossover with the hysterical BBC Produced sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. In the story, Gabby and Edxena are the heavy smoking, drinking, doping gals we love from the sitcom. They’re living the high life on the spoils of warlord plunder and alimony from their various husbands. In true AbFab style, there’s a very loosely constructed plot about making more money outfitting Cleopatra’s army, but it’s mostly all an excuse for their wickedly funny excess. Who would have thought AbFab would work as an Uber? It’s very funny and very highly recommended.


When Fates Collide: Another Tough Day At The Office by Crème Brulee
Very Short Story - X/G

Crème Brulee gives us a retelling of the episode When Fates Collide as told from the point of view of one of the Fates. She's not too happy about being tied to a pillar with the maiden and the old crone. And just when she thinks the bard has arrived to save her from her plight - well, things don't turn out like she'd hoped. Filled with Crème Brulee's usual biting humor, it's witty and clever. An interesting take on a popular episode from the series. Very highly recommended.


When She Awakens by Seska
Short Story - X/G

When She Awakens is a long vignette relating Xena's thoughts as she watches her bard awaken (with excruciating slowness). Xena's thoughts about her bard are loving, passionate, and playful. It's a sweet, emotional piece that appeals to all us incurable romantics.


White Water Terror Series by Blind Faith
Short Stories - X/G

Like lots of action and life or death excitement? Then this series is made for you! The story starts off with our gals getting caught in a raging flood and the action continues non-stop from there. Along the way there's an evil villain to defeat, painful injuries to tend to, and a nice relationship moment or two as well. Also includes the legend of Merwolf and her pack of followers!


Wildflower Meadow by Lariel
Short Story - O/U

Wildflower Meadow is a brief look at two lovers enjoying a pleasant afternoon in the outdoors. Lariel gives us wonderful dialog between the two lovers that is playful and romantic. A nice vignette that is short and sweet.


Will You Remember Me? by H.M. Macpherson
Short Story - O/U

When Rhiannon Sharp goes home for her high school reunion, it seems to be a time of regret for missed opportunities and a time for reliving some painful memories. Meeting up with old friend Angela Drayton stirs up more painful memories, but she renews her acquaintance with her friend, hoping to find out why their relationship ended so abruptly in high school. Set in the author's native land of Australia, Will You Remember Me is ultimately an uplifting story and a reminder that everything that is meant to be happens in its own time. (Handy Vocabulary Hints for Fellow Yanks: A torch is not a flaming stick - it's a flashlight. A jumper isn’t a suicidal guy on a rooftop - it's a sweater. Lines like, "Get that torch out of my face" and "She wrapped a jumper around her neck" take on entirely different meanings without the proper "Aussie to Yank" translations). Recommended.


Will You Still Love Me Yesterday by IseQween
Very Short Story - X/G

This short piece by IseQween has a very interesting premise. What if Xena and Gabrielle had been thrown farther back in time when Gabrielle destroyed the loom in When Fates Collide? What if they were returned to the time in season 3 before China and before the infamous "rift"? The idea makes for a very interesting discussion about life and love and the choices they've made and might make again.


The Winds of Change by L. Crystal Michallet
Short Story - X/G/U

An X-Files Crossover story (but ya don’t have to be an X-Files fans to enjoy it
J ). The Winds of Change manages to explain who X-Files character Shannon McMahon is AND offers a clever explanation for the end of A Friend In Need II. It's a clever way to link the two series. Definitely recommended.


A Wound Soul Deep by Zoe
Short Story - O

A Wound Soul Deep is an original short story by Zoe that tells the story of Isabelle - a woman raising three young boys, and Chelsie, her estranged lover. It is a short tale of the pain and guilt that comes from betrayal. The author lets you choose the ending you want, and that is what makes it unique. You can decide how hopeful the ending will be. A nicely written short relationship piece. (Note: the story is not currently available on the web - link will be added when/if the story is re-posted to a new site)


The Wrong Trail Knife by Jane Fletcher
Novel -O

This is an incredible work of fiction that is as good as anything you'll find on the shelf in the sci-fi section at your local bookstore. Jane Fletcher has created an entire fantasy world populated by women that is reminiscent of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "Herland".  The Wrong Trail Knife has a intricately crafted plot that revolves around a puzzling murder mystery. It tells the story of  two members or the elite Rangers - Sgt. Chip Coppelli  and Private Katryn Nagata. Private Nagata is transferred into Sgt. Coppelli's squadron under dubious circumstances and rumors of court-martial and murder. Working beside Nagata when they are paired up to track down a group of robbers, Coppelli becomes convinced of Nagata's innocence and sets out to find the real murderer. In addition to the gripping murder mystery, the author also takes us on an incredible journey into this fascinating world she has created. The action is fast-paced; the story is well-crafted and richly detailed.  The Wrong Trail Knife will leave you wanting to know more about this mystical land and its all-female culture. Highest recommendation.


Wyrm by Windstar
Long Short Story - O/U

A fantasy tale of dragons and elves and magic. Wyrm also has a wonderfully effective structure: a grandmother tells the story to her grandchild as they bake cookies. It is a familiar story to both grandmother and child. It is the story of Kira's quest to find the de Montagne family of mages and convince them to help her family. Wyrm is a magical tale of love and family. Very imaginative and very recommended.


Xena Subtext Virtual Season 7 by Melissa Good, T.Novan and SwordNQuill, with Artwork and Graphics by Judi Mair and Lucia
Screenplays - X/G
How much am I enjoying this Virtual Season! It's really, really good. Written by three of the best bards in the Xenaverse, subtexters are finally getting what we wanted to see all along. As the name implies, the subtext is now maintext, but it doesn’t overwhelm the story. Each episode feels like it could be an actual Xena episode. Like TPTB, these writers are giving us a nice mix of story types. The season opener was a two-parter that was more dramatic and sweeping in scope (just like a couple of the real season openers). Since then, we’ve had comedy, hurt/comfort, visits from familiar friends and foes, and some great kisses too. The writing is sharp and intelligent. The characters sound and feel like those on the real series. Extra kudos go to Lucia for the incredible artwork that accompanies each episode. Subtexters have waited years to see some of these images, and Lucia provides them each week in living color. Along with the screengabs, they provide the perfect visuals to complement the great scripts and help you to 'feel' like you're watching a real episode. New episodes are up every Wednesday night and may be accessed via the web site or by subscribing to the XWPSubtextVS7 Yahoo Group. We're only partway through the season, but I'm loving it. Gets my highest recommendation.


Short Story - X/G

Mil Toro gives us an imaginary meeting between TPTB (Rob Tapert and RJ Stewart) and a group of assorted Xena fans to discuss the 6th season of Xena. Each faction of fandom is represented here: from Joxer fans to Subtexters and everyone in between. No one is safe from attack here. Everyone gets equally skewered here with hysterical and deadly accuracy. But you know it's all in fun. One of the stories read aloud by Claire Stansfield (Alti) and Alexander Tydings (Aphrodite) during the Saturday Cabaret at the 2001 Pasadena Convention. Claire Says: "Highly recommended." Cee Says: "What she said."


Xena's Kisses by Mil Toro
Short Story - X/G

Xena's Kisses is a wonderfully entertaining dialog between Xena and Gabrielle  discussing all the assorted people Xena has kissed - and why the Bard isn't one of them. One of the stories read aloud by Claire Stansfield (Alti) and Alexander Tydings (Aphrodite) during the Saturday Cabaret at the 2001 Pasadena Convention. There's a reason this one brought the house down at the Con - even without the Claire and Alex steamy visuals. Highly recommended.


Yeah, But With A Really Big Sword by Temora
Long Short Story - X/G

Set in the 5th Season after the birth of Eve. Things are a bit strained between Xena and Gabrielle as they return to Potadiea for a visit with the bard's family. Feeling emotionally uncertain, Gabrielle gets some guidance from her Uncle Pelios and sets about to set things right with her partner. But there are enemies close by who will stop at nothing to kill Xena's baby. Temora gives us a story with emotional depth and some nice relationship and character exploration. There are some very funny moments as well. Recommended.


You're A Wonderful Wife by Mark Annetts
Short story - X/G and U

This short story by Mark Annetts combines the new with the old. An immortal Xena and Gabrielle living in modern times find themselves snowed in at their mountain cabin and decide to pass the time by telling stories. Gabrielle tells a story of Eponin, as the world-weary Amazon is shown how different the world would be without her in it. In addition to the nice "It’s a Wonderful Life" story of Eponin's life, the story also has some really sweet and playful moments between two soul mates who have spent many lifetimes together. Recommended. 


You've Got Scrolls by Advocate, Fanatic, and T.Novan
Long Short Story - X/G

When you've got a story written by not one, not two, but three of the best bards in the Xenaverse, you can feel pretty confident that it will be entertaining. And You've Got Scrolls is absolutely hysterical.  Gabrielle joins a secret Amazon "scroll list" and soon becomes embroiled in all kinds of "online" drama - flame wars, cross postings, rule breakers, and plenty of large egos. Sound familiar? Anyone who has ever joined a mailing list or entered a chat room will laugh out loud at this story. It pokes fun at all of us - readers, writers, fans and online junkies. It comes very highly recommended. (See more T. Novan story reviews on the
Special Themes page)




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