Xena Series Finale Stories

Friend in Need, You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye.


This seems to be the prevailing sentiment among fans and Bards alike. Fanfic based on the Xena Finale is popping up all over the place, and most of the stories seem to focus on the weaker plot points from the episode.


We all knew the series had to end some time. Judging from the overall reaction in the Xenaverse, not many would have chosen the ending we got. But, thanks to all the wonderful Bards out there, we don't have to accept the ending we were given. The journey of Xena and Gabrielle will continue for as long as we want it to. This group of stories should provide you with enough grief therapy to get you past the depression and restore your fervor for all things Xena


Xena was a religious experience for many of us, and we can't lose the faith now. So, how about a little fandom revival through fanfic?


Fans of the Xenaverse, you know you want to be happy again. Let's all join hands and be cleansed by the power of the Bards of the Xenaverse. Oh, great Bards! Show us the light at the end of the tunnel. Give us another ending to that awful story. Remove the demon of despair from our aching hearts.


A Once And Future Journey by Temora

Short Story - X/G

This post-Finale story is told by a slave who is "rescued" by a mysterious warrior woman known as the Little Dragon.  The mysterious warrior helps the entire town, but always spends her nights alone and under the stars. After a time, the former slave is determined to find out why. The writing has a dream-like quality to it, and the story provides some emotional closure to the ending of FIN. Recommended.


Are you starting to feel it? Is you soul being restored? What's that? You say you're having trouble walking down the road to happiness 'cause of all those holes left by the Finale plot bombs? We've got Bards who can fix that for you. They feel your pain. They have the fertile soil of their imaginations to fill those holes. Help is on the way.


Fixing a Betrayal (FIN) by Silence

Short Story - X/G

A Finale story that "fixes" the plot in FIN right at the time it all starts to fall apart, logic-wise (which is somewhere in the first half-hour!). A much more satisfying way to tell the story of how Xena and Gabrielle once again save the day.


Praise Hestia! Can you sense those TV images melting away? Can you see a brighter future for our favorite duo? Not yet? Well, dammit, try a little harder! These bards can't do all the work, you know. See if this one helps.


The Truth Shall Set Us Free (My answer to the XWP finale) by MikkiDee (alias Mikki Hibbens)

Very short story - X/G & U

In modern times, Mattie and Annie react to viewing the Xena finale. You can bet their reactions are just like the rest of the Xena faithful. But they know the way the story really ended (those TV people never get anything right), and they know who can get us out of this awful situation! It serves as a little group therapy to help all of us recover. Definitely recommended.


Are you still feeling unsettled in your fandom life? Does that whole Akemi situation seem fishy to you?  Would you like a Bard to help you purge that urge to slap that manipulative wench back to Mount Fuji?


Friend In Need, The Way It Should Have Been by Marion DTuttle

Short Story - X/G

This short tale by Marion Tuttle continues the story told in FIN. On their journey from Japa, Xena and Gabrielle start to question the recent events that have left them where they are and the decisions that got them there. Upon closer examination, some things don't seem to make as much sense as they should. The question is, what can they do about it? Answers some good questions about the plot in the series Finale.


Can you feel it, Brothers and Sisters? You say your faith is being restored, but you need just a little more to get you to the mountaintop? To restore the rapture that was Pasadena? There's one bard who can help us all. Let us pray to the fiction Goddess T. Novan - We're begging you. Lead us to the Promise Land!


A Friend In Need: Part III by T. Novan

Long Short Story - X/G

Leave it to T. Novan to find a way to give us a happy ending to the series that makes sense and manages to explain some of the other big, unanswered questions we were left with. This story picks up where FIN II ended. Gabrielle has changed her mind about accepting Xena's choice to stay dead, and (with the help of an old friend) returns to Japa to make things right. T.Novan fills most of the gaping plot holes we were given in the original story and gives us an emotionally satisfying way to say goodbye. Highly recommended.


Phew! I don't know about you, but after all that emotional healing I could use a break about now. A little bit of humor will be all I need to feel right with the world once more.


Friend in Need of Therapy by K. Simpson

Short Story - X/G

A Finale story that will make you laugh? Thank the Gods! This story will help soften the blow caused by the FIN. It explains away the entire episode and makes everything ok again. Even manages to get in a few playful zingers about the Big Giant Head. Highly recommended.


Thank you, Bards. I feel so much better now.



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