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The Gravesbury Murders  by Lariel and Archaeobard

Short story - O/U

If you  surf the web for all things Xena while at work; if  most of your bookmarks are fanfic sites; if you have a closet full of Xena souvenirs; then this hysterical story by Lariel and Archaeobard is for you! A Must Read for anyone who reads enough Xena fanfic to have found this web site of reviews of  fanfic! Tells the story of Weeny Xeny and the mayhem she causes one internet addicted Xena fan.



Guess Who’s Having a Baby by Xfiny

Short Story - X/G

With a little help from Aphrodite, Gabrielle gets Xena pregnant. And then the fun begins. From the initial shock at their situation to dealing with morning sickness and late-night cravings, Xfiny gives us a humorous, yet loving look at how our favorite gals deal with a pregnant warrior and their impending parenthood. (Makes me think of what could have been in Season 5). Recommended.



Hardcore Nutcrackers by Nalysia

Short Story - U&X/G

I really like the premise of this short story by Nalysia: Xena, Gabrielle, Ares and Hercules are all real and immortal and living in modern times where they watch a television show of their lives called Xena. The show is making their lives much more complicated, as when Xena and Gabrielle get mobbed when fans mistake them for a couple of real life actors. Things take a really surreal turn when they finally meet the real Lucy Lawless and company. The story is funny, but it’s also respectful of the real actors and fans. Recommended.



Halfway to my Heart by Brigid Doyle

Novel - O/U

Halfway To My Heart is a departure from your usual Uber-esque story. Reagon McAllister is a young girl who has recently been orphaned. The only family she has left is a half-sister she barely knows. Payton McAllister is a cold-hearted businesswoman with no desire to become a surrogate mother to a stranger. But when Reagan is injured under suspicious circumstances at her boarding school, she is brought to live with her older sister. There are some touching relationship moments in this story, as Payton struggles to open her heart to the young girl and find the familial love she never had. There is also a suspenseful mystery to be solved, as the sisters learn to trust each other and work together to find out the reasons behind the abuse at the school. It's a different kind of love story, but it works well and is sure to entertain. Recommended. (See more Dysfunctional Family story reviews on the Special Themes page)



The Hapless Romantic by Crème Brulee

Short Story - O

This one's not your usual Happily Ever After story. Beat cop Susan Little and FBI Agent Sandy Kline meet under inauspicious circumstances. It takes a while for them to ever get together, and they might not stay that way. The story doesn't go in the direction you think it will. Crème Brulee uses a shifting point of view to let us see each side of the story. There's plenty of both angst and humor in this well-written story. Definitely Recommended.



Henbane, Horsenappings and Other Obstacles by CN Winters & T.Novan

Short story - X/G

This is a fun new story that’s about, well - henbane, horsenappings and other obstacles that Xena and Gabrielle must grapple with as they return to Amphipolis for a much needed vacation.  Set after the Season Six episodes “The Return of the Valkyrie”, this is an amusing, tongue-in-cheek look at the events of the last season. I especially loved the Eve and Virgil portrayals here: a preachy, annoyingly earnest Eve and a Virgil who is a lot like his daddy. It’s clever; it’s biting; it’s a whole lot of fun. Definitely recommended. (See more T. Novan story reviews on the Special Themes page)



High Intensity by Bel-wah

Novel - O/U

This is a great story. It has everything you could want in a novel: strong characters, emotional drama, great romance, and a suspenseful, action-packed plot. We also get the added bonus of a well-researched, realistic look at what it takes to climb Mt. Everest. High Intensity tells the story of Ricky Bouchard, a mountain-climbing expert and Everest guide, and Allison Peabody, a Wall Street stockbroker and some-time mountain climber.  Ricky is a skilled and careful climber and has a dim view of the over-privileged, under-skilled clients she is obligated to lead up the mountain - including Allison Peabody.  Fortunately, Bel-wah finds a way to bring them together as they take on the challenges of the climb and of their relationship. Both characters must grow up a little before they can succeed in either endeavor. But Everest is a dangerous place, and they might lose everything to the mountain. The writing is richly detailed, and the characters are fully drawn. You’ll love it. My only question: Can two people really do that at those elevations? Who really cares? This one gets my highest recommendation.




The Hiker by Fritz

Long Short Story - O/U

As a reviewer, it is sometimes difficult to try to give readers a sense of what a story is about without giving things away or diminishing impact of the emotional journey. This is one of those stories. Erin is the owner of a Bed and Breakfast where attorney Sawyer is a frequent guest. Interaction ensues. In addition to Erin and Sawyer, there are some nicely drawn support characters. The Hiker is well written with some genuine, emotional moments. You'll like it, and you'll thank me for not giving the story away.



Home Again by V. Anderson

Novella - O/U

Borrowing elements from Chekov's The Cherry Orchard, Home Again is set in Russia and France just after the turn of the last century. Alexandra and her brother Nikolas are in danger of losing their estate in Russia. An Uncle in France offers an opportunity to manage his vineyards and to save their family home. Alex moves to France to help her uncle, but she must maintain a deception in order to be accepted into her new role as overseer. V. Anderson does a good job of capturing the manners and social constructs of the period, and the writing is solid. Home Again is a nicely written historical romance that successfully conveys the style and mood of the genre. Recommended.



Home Is Where the Heart Is by Melissa Good

Novel - X/G

Family Dysfunction Missy Style (so ya know it's probably gonna be ok at the end J). Xena and Gabrielle return to Potadeia to visit the bard's family. While visiting, some painful family secrets are revealed. It's an intriguing look at an area left unexplored by the series. Great drama, great emotion, great romance - you know, a typical Missy story. No big surprise here, it gets my highest recommendation. (See more Dysfunctional Family story reviews on the Special Themes page)



Honor Bound by Radclyffe

Novella - O

Sequel to Above All Honor

Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts and Presidential daughter Blair Powell return in this sequel to Above All Honor. Cam and Blair have made an attempt at having a relationship, but their lives and positions have kept them apart. Now Cam is suddenly reassigned to protect Blair again - an assignment neither of them wants - and one that could force them to end their relationship. The suspense and danger are ratcheted up in this sequel, as Blair's stalker is still after her. The story builds to an exciting conclusion that's action packed. A worthy sequel to a very good original. Recommended.



Hostage by BL Miller

Novella - X/G

This story is old-school fanfic from the early days of the genre - and it's a good one.  The gods are at it again - interfering in the lives of Xena and Gabrielle. Ares and Athena wreak havoc by wiping Xena's memories of everything that has transpired since her warlord days. She awakens with no memory of Gabrielle and immediately assumes that the young bard is her enemy. Warlord Xena hatches a plan to ransom the Queen back to the Amazons. Can Gabrielle find a way to break the gods' spell and get her old friend back? And can their relationship survive the fallout if she does? The story is set around the 3rd season and is filled with familiar characters from that time. Translation: Lots and lots of Amazons!!! The story is fast moving and filled with emotional drama. As far as I'm concerned, anything written by BL is a winner. This one comes highly recommended. (See other Memory Loss Themed story reviews on the Special Themes page)



Hunting Season by Helen Smith

Novel - O/U

Hunting Season is set in a future society filled with violence and paranoia: Public executions are a regular occurrence; guns are everywhere; and danger lurks around every corner. Ariel is a successful writer whose latest book is about to be released. Quinn is her lover and her part-time bodyguard who is called into guard duty when Ariel receives death threats for her subversive writing.  In a new twist to most Uber stories, this one is not a first time story. Quinn and Ariel are already lovers when the story begins. Yet, the story still contains a nice romantic element. The characters and their relationship are so well-crafted that we don't need their back story in order to appreciate their love. The author also does a nice job of exploring the effects  the death threats and danger have on their relationship. And since there are so many viable suspects, there is some nice tension and suspense here as well. This one will appeal to both Sci-Fi fans and Mystery/Thriller lovers, too. Recommended.



I Found My Heart in San Francisco  by S X Meagher

Series of Novels, starting with Book 1: Awakenings - O/U

Has anyone in fanfic-land not discovered this amazing series by SX Meagher? For anyone who doesn’t know, SX Meagher is a writing machine, cranking out novel length works at an astounding rate. The ever-expanding series chronicles the lives of UC Berkeley college students Jamie Evans and Ryan O’Flaherty. There are no cliched,  “green eyes met blue, and they knew it was meant to be” uber plot short-cuts here. This relationship is slowly and solidly cemented long before they ever move beyond friendship. One of  SX Meagher’s writing strengths is the incredible relationship detail she provides. Over the course of the series we see that it is the day to day, seemingly mundane events in every relationship that form the real foundation of strong emotional bonds. I feel the first book, Awakenings, is the best so far - covering almost a year in the lives of Ryan and Jamie. The title of Book One comes mainly from Jamie’s “Awakening” to her sexual identity.  The portrayal of a young person’s discovery of her true sexual orientation is one of the best I’ve ever read.  It is a poignant, terrifying journey for Jamie that is conveyed with painful realism. In spite of some serious themes, Awakenings is an uplifting story that is emotional, intense, and extremely satisfying. The characters are so multi-dimensional and real, I challenge anyone not to fall in love with both of them. Is there anyone who wouldn’t want Ryan to be her girlfriend? She’s brilliant; she’s sexy; she’s funny; she’s incredibly supportive and understanding; she’s the most emotionally open and available person on the planet. And yet, she still has some flaws that make her human and interesting and provide ample fodder for future character growth and more stories. How does SX Meagher manage to do that? Damned if I know. I’m just grateful that she shares these characters with us. And, as readers, we all owe a debt of gratitude to SX’s long-suffering partner -  because at the rate SX is producing these novel-length works, she’s clearly spending no time with her own girlfriend. I can’t think of a better way to spend a quiet weekend than reading this series. Gets my highest recommendation.



Icehole - by Kiera Dellacroix

Novel - O

A story that puts the "Weeeeeee!" in Halloween! How to describe this one? Well, it's part John Carpenter's The Thing, part Aliens, part X-Files Movie, with a hot girl-girl story to boot. Beware the disclaimers though. This one's not for the squeamish. There be Blood and Gore Ahead! A group of scientists and military personnel are trapped in the Antarctic until summer, and they're not alone! Sounds like the makings for some creepy fun. Engravings of Wraith author Kiera Dellacroix once again gives us some great kick-ass action. And you'll love the Love/Hate relationship between Corky and Malory! Exciting and fun and highly recommended.



In Contention  (AKA The Hellcat Comes To Town) By Barbara Davies

Long Short Story - O/U

This story is the first in a series by author Barbara Davies that chronicles the adventures of Deputy Zee Brodie and Christie Hayes. Zee is a former outlaw who has served time for her crimes and has been given a second chance at turning her life around.  In this story she attempts to successfully escort a prisoner to the territorial jail. A stop in the tiny town of Contention could prove to be her undoing, as she must face-off against her prisoner's gang of outlaws who are bent on freeing their leader. She must also contend with an intriguing little spitfire named Christie Hayes. The odds don’t appear to be in her favor in either situation. The series successfully captures the feel of the old west, while slowly building a nice relationship between Zee and Christie. Plus there's plenty of shootin' and fightin' and outlaw action to keep you entertained. Recommended. (See other Western Themed story reviews on the Special Themes page)



In the Blink of an Eye by Carrie Carr

Short Story - O

This one reminds me of those great ghost stories we used to tell around the fire at summer camp. Only this one has a nice romantic twist. After a long absence, Randi returns home to her dysfunctional family to attend a funeral. While at the cemetery she meets a small boy who needs her help. A nice twist to those classic surprise ending ghostly tales. Recommended.



In the Heart of the Siege by Kamouraskan

Novella - X/G

In the Heart of the Siege is set around the Third Season of the TV series, at a time when Gabrielle is still in transition from village girl to equal partner. It is a time when Xena is still learning how clever and trustworthy her friend is. This is a sweeping story involving three competing armies. When Xena agrees to lead one of them, she and Gabrielle are forced to become enemies, fighting on opposing sides of the battle. Kamouraskan gives us a complicated plot that includes guessing games, possible betrayals, and the unpredictable behavior of a god or two. In addition to some great action, we also get a nice look at the changing relationship in the earlier years of the show. It's a well-told tale that would have made an excellent episode on the small screen. Recommended.



Innocent Hearts by Radclyffe

Novella - O

Radclyffe has written a number of  wonderful classic romance novels, and this latest one is another winner. Set in the late 19th century Montana territory, Innocent Hearts tells the story of Jessie and Kate. Jessie is a woman rancher doing a man’s job in a man’s world. Kate is newly arrived from Boston with her family. They find themselves inescapably drawn to each other in ways that they struggle to understand. (We in the modern era have FanFic and old Ellen episodes to help us figure these things out). It’s a great Western story with cowboys and guns, but it is also a story about finding the strength to break free from society’s conventions to be with the one you love. Filled with passion and romance, Innocent Hearts is a sweeping love story that will make you swoon. Highly recommended.



Insight, Realization and Emotion by Idryth

Novellas - O/U

Insight is the first arc in the story of best friends Kris and Sam. It stands alone as a complete story but makes for a more satisfying read when coupled with the final installments in the series. Sam is a cop who meets reporter Kris while rescuing her from a crazed gunman. Though Sam has a lot to learn about relationships, they eventually become best friends. At the conclusion of Insight, it seems to be the start of something more. Realization and Emotion continue what was started in Insight and resolve story elements from the first story. The "Gabrielle effect" is in full force in all three stories in a believable and wonderfully comical way. There's lots of action to be found, as Sam repeatedly rescues Kris from dangerous situations. The two also work together to solve a series of murders. We also get some nice secondary character involvement as Sam learns to work with a new partner and Kris's family reacts to her new relationship. A nice, slowly built relationship story plus great cops and robbers action. What more could you ask for?



It’s The Single Life Wouldn’t Buy by S. Berry

Short Story - O/U

This is an Uber for fanfic fanatics. It’s sort of  an Uber/Fandom crossover (are we developing a new genre of fanfic?), and it’s an absolute riot.  It should be given the  “Funniest Use of Metaphor in a Story” award. If none exists, we should make one up and give it to this bard. Read it and see if you don’t agree. Definitely recommended.



I've Seen The Light And It's Dark by J Falconer

Long Short Story - O/U

Creed is ghost who inhabits house Jackie now lives in. She has been there for hundreds of years, doomed to spend an eternity within the confines of the house due to a horrible crime she committed centuries ago. Though antagonistic at first, the relationship eventually develops into a strong friendship, and it soon becomes obvious that Creed isn't the only one fighting personal demons. J. Falconer gives us a nicely told story about guilt, friendship, and sacrifice and the redeeming power of love. Recommended.



Jaws of the Wolf by Jera

Short story - O/U

Jana is a woman struggling with Lupus. Alexa is a mechanic who rescues her when her car breaks down.  Short, romantic story  about finding that special person who can rescue you from the jaws of the wolf.  A simple, sweet tale. CEA



Journey: China by Anne Azel

Long short story - O/U

This new story by Anne Azel reads like a wonderful travelogue of modern China. There is also a romance between X and X - two strong businesswomen, but China itself is the major player in this story. There are richly detailed depictions of China’s diverse history and culture - the food, the architecture, the social mores, the modern day ramifications of the largest dam project ever undertaken - they are all central to the story and the growing relationship between the two women.  After reading one of Anne Azel’s stories, I always want to travel to the places she has described. Now I can add China to that long and growing list. Recommended.



Justice by Georgia Beers

Short story - O/U

Perry Reed is a woman of mystery who is on a quest for justice. She rescues Kate Phillips from a brutal mugging and keeps popping in and out her life. Kate is intrigued by her enigmatic rescuer but is frustrated by her frequent disappearances. What secret is Perry she hiding? The answer could change Kate’s life forever.  Bittersweet story of the power of love. Recommended.



Küssen Des Banditen by LA Tucker

Short Story - O/U

LA Tucker returns with a little 'prequel' to the deadly funny and popular Light Fantastic. It's not necessary to have read Light Fantastic to enjoy this story, but I strongly recommend it. The story is filled with in-jokes that reference the novel. Marcy and Chloe are out for a little Halloween fun in this story that will definitely tickle your funny bone. Highly recommended.



Languedoc by angharad governal

Novella - U

Gwen Morrison is a doctoral student researching literary history of Languedoc in the library of St. Marie d'Ormarc Abbey. Sister Augustine is the nun assigned to assist her in her studies. She comes across an intriguing love poem and sets out to discover more about the female troubadour, Gabrielle, and the subject of her love poem, Alexandra. The author successfully interweaves two tales - modern and medieval - into one sweeping story. As Gwen uncovers more information in the manuscripts, we learn more about the medieval lives of Alexandra and Gabrielle. And, as they work together to solve the mystery of the story of the relationship between Gabrielle and Alexandra, Gwen and Sister Augustine soon have to solve the mystery of their relationship with each other. Well written and romantic, the story also incorporates elements of the Xena/Gabrielle story along with Janice Covington and Mel Pappas. It's a wonderful interpretation of the true Uber theme. Definitely recommended.



The Leap by Jane Fletcher

Short Story - O

The Leap tells the story of Lady Rowena, Earl of Northwold and Tamsin her horse groomer and childhood friend. The young Rowena is trying to be a responsible Earl and protector of her people. But the Queen's unjust taxes and cruel laws are causing civil unrest. Her childhood friend Tamsin has become the leader of rebels trying to rid the land of an unjust Queen. Rowena is determined to protect her people, but circumstances will soon force her to make a decision that could affect all their lives. Jane Fletcher delivers another well-written and entertaining story. It's a great read for all lovers of knights and castles and romantic adventure. Recommended.



The Life in Her Eyes by Debox

Novel - O/U

The Life in Her Eyes tells the stories of Evon and Rae. I say “stories” because we get to know each character separately long before they ever meet. Each woman has felt heartache and suffering in her life. By the time they do meet, they are both afraid of opening their hearts again and being hurt. Debox gives us a realistic exploration of coping with grief and the difficulty of loving again. (And we learn the difference between a choreographer and a choreologist!). Recommended.



The Light Fantastic by LA Tucker

Novel - O/U

Light Fantastic is a funny and sweet story about a librarian Chloe and former Hollywood actress Sara and the crazy life they lead in a small town on Lake Erie. It's filled with an entire town of quirky characters (including Chloe and Sara!) and typical small town slices of life. The rumor mill is always open, the high school play is the biggest source of entertainment, and everyone knows the value of a half off coupon! There are some truly hysterical moments in this story - including some clever cultural humor. Children of the 70's and 80's will love it! Light Fantastic is a witty "Will They Ever Get It Right?" romance that will draw you in and keep you entertained. Recommended.



Lila's Little Adventure by Charmer

Short Story - X/G

This story's been around for a while, and it's still one of the funniest I've read. Set early in the series, Xena and Gabrielle return to visit her family. While attempting to gather eggs in the barn, Lila stumbles upon the warrior and bard at an inopportune moment. Highly recommended.



The Lion and the Lamb by Lois Cloarec Hart

Short story - O/U

Jac Lanier is a womanizing bank executive who is bored with her life of sexual conquest. She accepts a bet with her friend Victoria.  She has 30 days to bed Victoria’s friend and co-worker, travel agent Christi Blaine - a woman engaged to be married to Phillip. But Jac’s original plans so go awry when she finds herself having real feelings for Christi. The author, Lois Cloarec Hart, does a good job of developing the relationship between the two women. And the plot turns will keep you guessing how it will all end. Recommended.



Love And Death In The Trailer Park by Vivian Darkbloom

Short Story - O/U

The first in the hysterical White Trash Series. Didja ever wonder what the Xena gang would be like if they were a bunch of White Trash? Vivian Darkbloom has, and the results are laugh out loud funny. Purdy, Callie, Effy - the 'Zina' gang's all here! Praise the Lord and pass the Doritos! These folks put the "fun" in dysfunctional. The series gets my highest recommendation. (See more Dysfunctional Family story reviews on the Special Themes page)



 Love Never Fails by J Covington

Long Short Story - X/G

Although it can be read on its own, Love Never Fails is actually the sequel to two previous stories, Ares Game and Escapade. The story begins about a month after Xena and Gabrielle's Amazon joining ceremony. While helping an old friend defend her home against a warlord, Gabrielle is injured and loses her memory. Hoping to help restore her memories and allow her own injuries to heal, Xena takes her back to the Amazon village. The story has some funny and touching moments as Gabrielle slowly reacquaints herself with her patient soul mate. (See other Memory Loss Themed story reviews on the Special Themes page)



Lucretia by Jordan Falconer

Short Story - O/U

At first this story seems like your basic "Coming out to the parents story," as Luce returns home to the Family to introduce them to her female fiancé. But sometimes things aren't exactly how they appear. The ending takes a twist we might expect from a Jordan Falconer story. Recommended.