Dysfunctional Family Stories

Tales about families that are more screwed up than your own

Just in time for the Holidays - a special group of stories about dysfunctional families. Reading about these folks will make you feel a little more thankful about your own family. Some of these people make Jerry Springer's guests look normal. If your Thanksgiving blessings include being thankful no one in your household went to jail this year, then these stories are for you. They're all pretty high on the Hurt/Comfort scale, so proceed with caution.

To help ease you into these family time bombs, I'll start you off with a Missy classic:

Home Is Where the Heart Is by Melissa Good

Novel - X/G

Family Dysfunction Missy Style (so ya know it's probably gonna be ok at the end J). Xena and Gabrielle return to Potadeia to visit the bard's family. While visiting, some painful family secrets are revealed. It's an intriguing look at an area left unexplored by the series. Great drama, great emotion, great romance - you know, a typical Missy story. No big surprise here, it gets my highest recommendation.

These next few works take a more serious turn, but they're really good stories.

Warlord Metal by Redhawk

Novel - O/U

Warlord Metal is both a story about a rising rock band and a love story between the drummer's sister and the troubled but musically gifted guitarist. As the band becomes more successful and their relationship intensifies, guitarist Jordan finds herself spiraling out of control. She's on the road to self-destruction, and when her past finally catches up with her, it could be the end of everything: the band, her relationship, and even her life. In addition to Jordan and Sonny, there are some nicely drawn secondary characters. An emotionally powerful story with an intriguing exploration of a woman with some intense inner demons. It's well written, plus ya get your choice of two endings: Original or Extra Uber! What's not to like? Highly recommended.


Crystal's Heart by B.L. Miller

Novel - O/U

Crystal's Heart is a classic 'opposites attract' love story.  When smoker/toker/all-around slob Crystal becomes roommates with anal neat freak Laura, can anything but true love result? While there are some comedic elements, it is a serious story about overcoming personal demons and childhood abuse. Both women bring plenty of emotional baggage to the relationship. There's dysfunction here, but there's also a strong romance and a serious look at some deeply emotional issues. Recommended.


And who says dysfunction can't be funny? Vivian Darkbloom's White Trash series will make you feel better about you own demon kin and provide a break from the serious stuff.


Love And Death In The Trailer Park by Vivian Darkbloom

Short Story - O/U

The first in the hysterical White Trash Series. Didja ever wonder what the Xena gang would be like if they were a bunch of White Trash? Vivian Darkbloom has, and the results are laugh out loud funny. Purdy, Callie, Effy - the 'Zina' gang's all here! Praise the Lord and pass the Doritos! These folks put the "fun" in dysfunctional. The series gets my highest recommendation.


Ready for more families from hell? How about these dysfunction tales?


Starry Sky by Bibbit

Long Short Story - O/U

Julie and Kimba were childhood best friends despite their 5-year age difference. But when Julie gets pregnant and marries her boyfriend John, she cuts Kim out of her life. When she finally leaves her unhappy marriage many years later she returns to her childhood friend. But husband isn't ready to give her up, and Julie might not be prepared for the consequences of having a relationship with a woman. There are some nice relationship moments in this well told emotional hurt/comfort story. Recommended


Broken Homes by Lois Cloarec Hart

Novel - O

 If you're looking for a nice, long read for your summer vacation, then Broken Homes is an excellent choice. Marika and Rhiannon both come from broken homes that have left them emotionally scarred and uncertain about relationships. Fortunately for them, they have insightful and supportive friends who help them overcome their pasts and find the courage to live and love.  Broken Homes offers well-defined, layered characters, a satisfying romance, and enough thrills and chills to keep you entertained. It's the perfect novel to take with you while you soak up some rays in the sun. Definitely recommended.


Halfway to my Heart by Brigid Doyle

Novel - O/U

Halfway To My Heart is a departure from your usual Uber-esque story. Reagon McAllister is a young girl who has recently been orphaned. The only family she has left is a half-sister she barely knows. Payton McAllister is a cold-hearted businesswoman with no desire to become a surrogate mother to a stranger. But when Reagan is injured under suspicious circumstances at her boarding school, she is brought to live with her older sister. There are some touching relationship moments in this story, as Payton struggles to open her heart to the young girl and find the familial love she never had. There is also a suspenseful mystery to be solved, as the sisters learn to trust each other and work together to find out the reasons behind the abuse at the school. It's a different kind of love story, but it works well and is sure to entertain. Recommended.


After all that angst, I could use a breather. How about a nice coming out story that's everyone's fantasy?


Family by Magenta

Short Story - X/G

The Coming Out story everyone wants to experience! New lovers Xena and Gabrielle return to Potadeia to tell her family about their new relationship - but it seems the cat's already out of the bag and the family's reaction is anything but what they expected. A funny and cute story that is definitely recommended.


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