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What's New - Updated on May 12, 2002
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Hello again. I'm still having Internet access problems, but things should be cleared up by next week (crossing fingers).

I've got a review from the first of a great series by Nene Adams, a wonderful classic X/G stories from the early days of fanfic, and a nice short story from Season 6. A little more variety than what I had last week :)

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Azuyama - The Eastern House by Nene Adams
Novella - O/U

Azuyama is the first book in a wonderful series of books that are set in a fantasy world that evokes ancient Asian feudal systems. Ayumi is a female Samarai-style warrior who is sworn to serve her master - at any cost. The young aristocrat Lady Fujiwara hires her. In a world with rigid societal rules, tedious ritual and intricate courtly politics, the naive Fujiwara's infatuation with her warrior threatens both their ways of life. There is a sly humor in the writing, and Nene Adams gives us richly drawn characters, along with an incredibly detailed depiction of this society she has created. You'll be caught up in this Asian feudal world and won't want to leave it. This entire series gets my highest recommendation.

Just Be Ready> by IseQween
Very Short Story – X/G

This long vignette by IseQween is set during the 6th Season episode Who's Ghurkan? After Xena is beaten and returned to the harem room, she and Gabrielle express their feelings over the situation they find themselves in. They also recognize the changes in their relationship, and they ultimately redeem their faith in each other and in their love. An emotional piece that is definitely recommended.

The Third Wheel by JenBob
Novel – X/G

A novel from the early days of fanfic, this great classic by Jenbob is a must read. Set in the first years of the series, this story reads like a well-done episode. Xena and Gabrielle help a village that is under attack, and Xena meets up with an old friend. They set about going after the warlord and his men, but things get a bit strained when Gabrielle begns to feel like a third wheel. This story has it all: an interesting plot, great action scenes, layered characters, and best of all - a wonderful depiction of that jealous, uncertain Gabrielle we knew and loved from the early days. Gets my highest recommendation.

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