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What's New - Updated on May 3, 2002
New Updates Every Friday

Sorry for missing another update last week. I'm still in Internet withdrawal. But I was able to get online briefly and download a few stories to review.

It wasn't intentional, but it seems to be Sc-Fi/Fantasy/Vampire week. I am a big Sci-Fi fan, but I usually try for more diversity each week. Hopefully, I'll be back up and online again next week.

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Dark Elf by J Falconer
Novella - O/U

Dark Elf is an engaging fantasy tale from writer J Falconer. Falconer excels in this genre. Elven princess Sunstar is captured by a group of dark elves and taken as a gift for their evil King and Queen. The dark elf drows are emotionless killers, but half-breed drow Nightshade is struggling with her conscience over her life as a drow. If she attempts to rescue Sunstar, they could both suffer painful deaths, and there is no guaranty that they could make their way safely back to Sunstar's home. Dark Elf is a tale of magic and evil that's imaginative and definitely recommended.

Eternal Night by Red Raven
Novella – X/G

Eternal Night combines classic Xena/Gabrielle elements with a modern vampire tale. In the story, Xena and Gabrielle are immortal vampires. An emotional rift has left them separated from each other for over 300 years. The rift was so bad that Gabrielle is actually trying to kill Xena (apparently, Gab can really hold a grudge). They are reunited and must work together to stop a new breed of vampire hunters who have developed a new weapon to kill their kind. The story also has references to Janice and Mel and the original Xena Scrolls episode from the series. Eternal Night is a new spin on a familiar genre that is definitely recommended.

How to Write a Typical Uber-Xena Fic by invidere
Humorous Essay – O/U

Not really a work of fanfic, but this hilarious little essay will appeal to all you regular readers of Uber fic. Filled with observations that are dead-on and hysterically funny. It's very tongue-in-cheek and a fun way to tweak the stories we all love. With any luck, newer writers will read this essay and work hard to avoid falling into these cliche traps. It comes very highly recommended.

The Vampire Hunter: Hunting Clarion by JP
Novel – O/U

The Vampire Hunter is the first in a series of stories, but this first story can still be read alone. Yoshima Miakoda is a vampire hunter who is almost 1000 years old. One night she rescues a young woman from a vicious vampire attack. She meets the woman again, and agrees to go out on a date (the first she's been on in decades). She notices some unusual things about her, but doesn't realize that her new girlfriend Clarion Larieux is a vampire. More than that, Clarion is a very special vampire known as the Daywalker - the key to human existence. She's also being stalked by a master vampire and his assistant Vamps. But if Yoshi finds out her secret, will she try to kill her before the other vamps get a chance? JP gives us a well-conceived larger story idea, and some nice action scenes that make this one come highly recommended.


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